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University of Victoria, British Columbia; Dalhousie University, Halifax Nova Scotia
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About Alex Hoggarth

Hi everyone!

My name is Alex, and this summer I'll be embarking on the Pacific Coast bike route for Bike The US for MS. I'm a recent grad school grad, with my thesis work in Neuroscience (this sentence relies on passing an upcoming thesis defence, knock on wood).To cap off and celebrate the end of grad school, I had been planning a bike trip to offset and make up for the long hours spent in a dark lab. That's when I found BikeTheUSforMS, which perfectly matched my goals and supports a great cause, to boot.

Grad school brought me to Victoria, BC, where I became enamoured with both the Pacific coast and cycling. Most of my cycling experience was as a bike commuter, and then longer day trips became a weekend staple, with the occasional camping bike trip thrown in. I couldn't be more excited to cycle the entirety of the west coast and experience both the beauty of the scenery and an extended and intimate relationship with my bike and the road. More importantly, every mile I ride will mean another $1 towards MS research.

MS is a scary disease. From a scientific perspective, research funding is extremely important and is the first step to helping all people afflicted. From a personal standpoint, I'd like to dedicate this trip to my cousin Patricia and her family. She's an amazing person who suffers from MS and its challenges every day. What she does is a million times harder than what I'm doing. 

Please click the donate button over there and fund important research while helping me take on this great challenge.

Alex Hoggarth's Fundraising


ALL 2016 TEAMS TOTAL: $372998

RAISED: $1977
Ana Silva $400.00
Abdul Shehata $100.00
Brendan Stephenson $100.00
evleina Costa $100.00
Jenny Watson $100.00
L Gaspar $100.00
Patrick Reeson $100.00
Ken Hoggarth $75.00
Anonymous $72.00
Chris and Heather McLaughlin $50.00
Devon Day $50.00
Manuela Da Silva $50.00
Maria da Silva $50.00
Philip Linton $50.00
Meagan Greentree $45.00
Andy Cardoso $40.00
Clemencia Cimbron $40.00
Lucinda Da Silva $40.00
Sharon Lee-Hoggarth $40.00
Anonymous $30.00
Lucinda Silva $30.00
Stephen MacLeod $30.00
Christine Lee $25.00
Kyle McLaughlin $25.00
Trent Folan $25.00
Andrew Agbay $20.00
Ben Paquette-Struger $20.00
Clifford Donovan $20.00
Geoff deRosenroll $20.00
Heather Goud $20.00
Johnathan Hoggarth $20.00
Kara Ronellenfitch $20.00
Peter Hoggarth $20.00
Sammy WN $20.00
Irene Andreu $15.00
Lindsay Block-Glass $15.00