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About Matt Gottlieb

I am  from Columbia SC and originally was in the corporate networking and internet security field. Besides SC, I have lived in Salt Lake City, Atlanta and Ra'anana Israel. I am now a paramedic in Columbia, SC and have volunteered for many MS walks and bike ride events (Including RAAM last year) over the last several years. I love the outdoors and have hiked and even biked some of the most beautiful places in the world. 

I did not know anyone personally with MS prior to working my first event. Now after several years I have made friends and connections that compel me to do more to help end MS and improve the lives of those with MS and the families that live with this every day. Much progress has been made but the fight is not over. I am pleased that I can help physically and financially but also to expend my energies to encourage others to join the fight.

I want to personally thank my supporters at Eggs Up Grill in Columbia 

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Matt Gottlieb's Fundraising

RAAM 2016 TEAM TOTAL: $38536

ALL 2016 TEAMS TOTAL: $372998

RAISED: $570
Eug Columbia Partners $350.00
David Livingston $100.00
Barbra Cantor $25.00
Jeni McCaughan $25.00
Ronna Bridges $25.00
Hilda Solomon Wajnberg $20.00
Ronna Bridges $15.00
Mary Bargteil $10.00