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About Amanda McLaughlin

My name is Amanda McLaughlin and I'm a 25 year old Neuroscience Grad Student from Halifax, Nova Scotia, currently living in Victoria, British Columbia. 

Victoria has the most amazing cycling community, and since moving there four years ago not only has my cycling greatly improved (I was so wobbly when I moved here..), but I've really grown to love it. I'm not super speedy, but I've put lots of miles on my bike and I'm really excited to test my limits and join the Pacific Coast team on a segment from San Francisco to Imperial Beach (~600 miles).  The little travelling I've done along the West Coast has been incredible, and I can't wait to explore even more of it on my bike!

Bike the US for MS is such a great group because the money raised goes directly to MS research and also directly to families affected by MS... i.e. the money doesn't go towards funding my vacation.. The cyclists sleep in campsites and cover their own costs, so that as much of these funds as possible are put to good use!

As a scientist, I've seen what great MS research is happening in the US (and Canada!), and how close we're getting to finding real solutions, but until that happens both the researchers, and the families affected could really use your help.

So please donate and help support this terrific cause!


Bonus prize: donate $30 or more and I'll send you a postcard from the road!!

Amanda McLaughlin's Fundraising


ALL 2016 TEAMS TOTAL: $372998

RAISED: $1271
Ana Silva $150.00
Chris and Heather McLaughlin $100.00
David MacNeil $100.00
Kyle McLaughlin $100.00
Luc and Patti Pelletier $100.00
Maj and Jack Kellum $100.00
Patrick Reeson $100.00
Jason and Diana Potter $75.00
Nanny and Grampy Darrah $75.00
Mary Patterson $50.00
Patti and Marc Praill $50.00
Paul and Judy Jennings $50.00
Sandra Hodgins $50.00
Allene Hodgins $37.00
Ben Paquette-Struger $20.00
Clifford Donovan $20.00
Heather Goud $20.00
Kara Ronellenfitch $20.00
Leanne McLaughlin $20.00
Jacob Gordon $15.00
Sharon and David Lee-Hoggarth $10.00
Peter Hoggarth $8.00
Danny Leavitt $1.00