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HI GUYS. So, this all sort of started when my very good cycling buddy, Leigh Graziano (who happens to be a ride leader this year--go figure) said to me "Hey Liz! You should do Bike the US for MS!" Actually, Leigh probably said this to me at least 5,000 times because she is wonderfully persistent. At first was hesitant, seeing as 1) I am poor and 4,295 is a very large number and 2) I usually spend my summers working in order to support both my lavish collegiate lifestyle and my obsessive Lady Gaga habit. Also, I was pretty sure that my parents would not be too keen on my plans to leap on my bicycle and head to the west coast. 

Weirdly enough, I actually got some encouragement from the Mom and Dad, and found out that I have a personal investment in the program, as I have family members currently coping with MS. SO! I, Liz Gerrity, will be riding the absurdly long 4,295 miles between Maine and Seattle. Yippee!

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ALL 2011 TEAMS TOTAL: $214540

RAISED: $3291
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james p. walsh $200.00
Matthew C Trent $200.00
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Gabrielle Marvin $150.00
Beth L Kirby $100.00
Don McNea Fire School Inc $100.00
Duane C. Byrne $100.00
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Michael Murray $50.00
Richard & Karen Patton $50.00
Susan E Keough $50.00
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Thomas M Conroy $40.00
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