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About Ryan Akers

This summer I will be riding the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route with Bike the U.S. for MS. I'm excited for the opportunity to ride with this organization which provides a challenging and unique experience for a great cause. Donations are used to fund research and treatment for Multiple Sclerosis and promote independent living. My goal is to raise $1,400 dollars and complete the 2,700 mile ride in 40 days......

"Life is short and better spent trying things that you're not sure you can actually accomplish rather than setting the bar nice and low where you can easily just step over it."


Thanks for your support!

Ryan Akers' Fundraising


ALL 2016 TEAMS TOTAL: $372998

RAISED: $2038
Larry Nulton $250.00
Anonymous $200.00
Theodore and Becky Lewis $150.00
Anonymous $100.00
Fred and Judith Garbinski $100.00
Jim Akers $100.00
Jonathan Cassat $100.00
Mark Madden $100.00
Five Goal Gang $93.00
Anonymous $75.00
Bradley Thomas $50.00
Jonathan Zima $50.00
Kevin Sherman $50.00
Sean Wesner $50.00
Tracy Bill Young $50.00
Jim and Ree Thomas $45.00
Grace and Michael Woods $35.00
Alec Devlin $30.00
Darlene Thomas $30.00
Elizabeth Harter $30.00
Pat Murray $30.00
Sheena Morder $30.00
Alan Homan $25.00
Amy Reaman $25.00
Auggie Akers $25.00
Cheryl Molnar $25.00
Anonymous $25.00
Shawnee Akers $25.00
Sponge Rowles $25.00
Tony Edwards $25.00
Chumley Akers $20.00
Dave Wildner $20.00
Mary Berry $20.00
Terry Leffler $20.00
Boi Akers $5.00
Anonymous $5.00

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