Ellie Hawthorne

"Belonging to a team, and being a part of something that is bigger than yourself, is powerful, and so many of us experienced that this summer."

Sean Kerr

"My teammates are more than friends that I made on the trip, they are an extended family spread across the world."

Liz Kantak

"What humans have in common is so much stronger than the differences that can divide us. When we work together and love and support the person next to us, we can all accomplish so much more than we ever could alone."

Jen Vetrovs

"I loved witnessing (and being part of) this group of people getting to know one another, looking out for one another, and supporting each other across the country. It was an incredible experience."

Claire Dal Nogare

"Through fundraising, I realized how close to home MS was. I never knew how many friends of mine were affected by MS. Many of those who went on to donate told me about their family members or connections with MS that were unbeknownst to me previously."

Octavia Mullhern

"The trip has definitely changed me. I think that I am more patient with people, that I am not as shy as I used to be, and that I can live very comfortably out of my hiking backpack."